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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Summary -

The harmful effects of self-judgment and how it can lead to hatred towards oneself and others. By shifting shame into courage and envy into inspiration, one can attract positive changes in their life. This is why Angie encourages focusing on health and accepting diversity in body types and features. She shares her own journey of accepting her imperfections and creating a women's empowerment photoshoot to showcase the beauty of real women. Angie emphasizes that accepting oneself is a life practice and encourages others to create and showcase what makes them glow.

In depth from Angie's soul -

Thanks to my own past traumas, and my current healing experience, I became aware of a very common disorder within us women, called self-judgment.

We don't accept our diverse bodies, so we harm ourselves and others with hatred.

My purpose here is to showcase how beautiful life can be when you ACCEPT WAS IS REAL and empower it.

How does it work?

When you shift shame into courage. When you shift envy into inspiration. When you sit through the discomfort, allow yourselves to be seen as you ARE, through vulnerability. This is when the magic starts to grow.

Day by day, you WILL notice changes in your mind, body, and soul. You WILL attract beauty in your life. Humans that think alike, humans that view the world through the same or similar lens - REAL MAGICAL HUMANS!

When you and your humans view the world in a similar to alike way, that becomes your REALITY, you CAN construct a real, healthy, and loving world by choosing who you are(or at the start, want to be).

And spoiler alert, this shift, will not only gift you humans but also: health, wealth and many other gems in this thing called life offers.

Imperfection is THE real beautiful (Wabi-Sabi, wisdom).

Let's accept the fact that we're all genetically different, with different body forms, battles scars, skin manifestations, color pallets - DIVERSITY. Now, let's PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop trying to make our unique bodies fit the look of someone else we are not. This will only keep taking your peace.

One of the biggest pieces of advice from me to you is to FOCUS ON HEALTH. A human body will SHINE effortlessly when it's healthy when it's loved. (Sleep, nutrition, movement, soulful connections).

And hey baby girl, no stress, you're not alone! I'm also still walking this journey. It's a life practice, not a one-time achievement!

Took me years to accept my; random acne, my small breast, my larger thighs, my hairy and real Latina features. Why? Cuz I wanted to look like the girls on TV - "Lizzie McGuire, Britney Spears, you name it, ". Now? I've finally let go! Now I FLOW and GLOW in my own skin. ✨

And this is why I created #RealWomen (the visual masterpiece you'll see below), a WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT PHOTOSHOOT! These women and I came together on the morning of my birthday to co-create A MESSAGE! Activism in the form of visual art. My current purpose in life! So much love to all my women that made this happen!

These women are just like you and me, and on this day, we chose to unlearn social stigmas and re-normalize, trust, and accept us as we are. Cuz, YES, it is a decision! A photo shoot like this is not within our comfort zone, it pushes us to; let go of fear, and once you do, I promise you WILL start healing.🌟

So with no judgment, let's create, consume, and showcase, more, and more of what makes us GLOW!

Forever grateful for this beautiful experience. 💛 And CHEERS for more to come!

With all my love and passion,

Angie - activist, photographer, and art director currently based in Mexico and creating world-wide-

Don't forget to message me for your own experience. Individual or even for your brand campaign.

Let's work together!

¨Empowered women, empower women¨.

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