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"sensuality doesn't come natural to me"

"but I desire it, the same way I desire a house on the beach one day or a certain professional outcome. No difference."

"so what do I do? I practice the same way I practice many new skills"

"and sensuality is just one of those"

"this life is full of skills you can choose to call yours"

In matter of fact, most of my life I hated my body.

As a result of this, most of my life, I could not achieve to genuinely call myself or think of myself as sexy human.

Day by day, with the streghtening of my loving awareness and being able to unlearn SO MUCH, im finally FEELING IT!

Below are just a few of my practices to make this happen:

1. re-normalizing my genetics + ethnical features - RADICAL ACCEPTANCE BBY!

2. truly embracing and experiencing the power of sexy energy vs "the idea of a trophy body", and by this, attracting intimate partners with the same-to-alike values 🤍 making every intimate moments so fuckn pleasurable ✨

3. re wiring my beliefs - creating thought in my head that allow me to move my body not for the purpose of being seen and valued as sexy but for the loving energy of of health and strength.

Don't know who needed to also see/read this. But you're not alone.

Im blessed to share that thanks to my craft(capturing women of ALLLLLL divers ranges), I've been witnessing ALL KINDS of body dysmorphia, from "the woman" that actually does have the "vogue magazine" body to the ALL-OTHER multiple diverse human bodies THAT DO EXIST, and regardless of the mixture, ive also been humbled AND inspired to SEE AND REALIZE that in all these cases you find a disempowered AND EMPOWERED human, in all! And the more I see this, the more I gain patterns that I choose to take as my truth: SEXY IS AN ENERGY, A FEELING, A STATE OF MIND, A HEALTHY BODY MIND AND SOUL😍


If you desire a sensual and intimate photoshoot, reach out, let's make art with intention together.

Captured by one of my favorite photographers @emilykiddphoto 😍✨ thank you for this day, this week by your side, so SOUL-full 🤍 miss you! Miss our co-creations 📸✨

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