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Words from my divine soul.

When I started my craft I was not connected to a higher purpose, it’s something I never had in my capacity of awareness, that you CAN HEAL through different crafts(art) and that’s photography CAN BE a healing modality when created with intention.

When I started my journey of becoming a professional photographer(3 years ago), I was doing what most of us do; shooting landscape, food, buildings, models.

When COVID started, March 2020, I fell into a very deep depression. After a desperate need to heal, I gave the 21 Days of Meditation(by Deepak Chopra) a chance. To my FUCKN surprise, this was the milestone of my awareness journey! I started thinking through the lens of unconditional love for myself and others, started practicing ABUNDANCE mindset.

After few weeks of asking myself(through journaling and research) I asked myself- where would I be the happiest? My callings/visions told me: the Riviera Maya. After moving some mountains to MAKE IT HAPPEN, I moved to the Riviera Maya.

(The reason I share this, is for you to see how important healing is to co-create with the Universe, it's always guiding you, you need to get quiet to listen and take aligned actions to your dreams.)

When I moved to the Riviera Maya, my mind started to fear again, so much uncertainty(COVID, lack of job possibilities, etc), that I started to create based on fear. I was creating commercial superficial photography to attract money(coming from energy of fear and not aligned with my values, my integrity), my heart felt that something was off, my photography was not inclusive wasn’t coming from a place of love and unity. And by creating art that only showcased what I now believe is the collective problem, I was hurting myself and the self-worth of others.

And this is where it gets MAGICAL.

For some time, I knew I wanted to do good, but was constantly distracted with my own worries and hustle life that I kept putting things OFF my Real Humans project that has been in my soul for who knows how long!

At one point GOD(the Universe, cosmic source, whatever you wanna call IT), sent me "Earth Angels". Sent me humans that kept me accountable to CREATE more of what's real. In a process of a couple of weeks or months, I was having real raw conversations with friends(or random humans) telling me that my art wasn't inclusive and/or expressing their own body insecurities and traumas due to our social media era. Plus, at the same time, I was getting booked by clients/brands that saw beauty and realness in my art(which I wasn't aware of), and that had as their main values to promote diversity and help heal others. And thanks to the blessing of being immersed in all these synchronicities, I started to TAKE ACTION TO CREATE MORE AND MORE HIGH QUALITY art on this matter to CREATE A MORE CLEAR AND IMPACTFUL MESSAGE!

These women that gifted me all this awareness, and self belief, and this is WHEN I decided to CREATE THE REAL WOMENS photoshoot experience. It became a divine gift of love and purpose from myself to myself on July 17 2021(my birthdate). Few weeks before I put out the invite to attract women for this photoshoot, with the intention of creating art + activism, and to my surprise, on the sunrise of my bday, 27 women showed up!

I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing during and after the photo shoot, receiving so much love and energy, seeing their facial expressions and feelings their hugs full with gratitude, is something I've never experienced in my life. Fucking magical and priceless!

After this shoot, I still wasn’t understanding what was happening, so I started introspect, going back and forward on why was it so magical? After some time journaling and being in quietness, things started to get more divine, deeper, clearer, I started to realize that you can heal yourself and others through photography and what was happening in the experience before during and after what is a collective practice of several things: courage, vulnerability, flow(let go, trust), play(being wild again), showing up and being seen as you’re vulnerable imperfect side of you. Among connect to nature, mindfulness + senses, experiencing sisterhood from love and kindness(being able to love strangers), and last but not least, practice of EMPOWERMENT, giving yourself permission to stand UP, shoulders back, hear open, and receive the sun kiss in your face, wind in your skin!

Accepting and embracing your imperfections as you are and also making space for play and flow to let go be a child again and be around your sisters and just forget that you’re an adult in this heavy world and just play in nature notice the surroundings take deep breath‘s allow the wind soil the water to touch you to kiss you be and practice mindfulness and while you’re in play we are helping each other by sharing guided affirmations of things we’ve been starting to notice during the experience notice how we are so similar if not

We are Flora and Foner we are nature we are animals we are nature let’s remember that so the art of re-normalizing what is your essence has been taken from us for years in centuries if not hundreds of years in humanity and the art of reconnecting and being told that you are nature you are an animal you are divine I believe it’s powerful and to experience synergy sisterhood allow yourself to be seen touched by new humans around you see yourself in them and at the same time we start to share our own traumas our own

A-ha moments are you serendipities feelings during the experience and when you listen to what other person or sister has to say you may or may not connect but the art of doing it and saying it out loud I believe is where the spells in the Magic cons and last but not least the empowerment when you get to practice when you get to stand up shoulders up let the energy come in and lift your face when you allow your face to get kissed by the sun the wind when you take a deep breath and your shoulders head back in your heart expands practice service for some of us has become nature again but for most of us has been forgotten

after -

What can I start doing to help re-normalize and showcase more of what’s real what is diverse what is in perfectly perfect and with the help of some introspection and sitting down with my own integrity and and honestly also just divine guidance I started to create a project called real woman real humans in for the first few weeks I thought I was still or I thought I was actually creating that but then to get feedback from my surroundings and people to tell me know like I don’t see diversity in your photography and just letting go of ego and

And realizing that I could go further I could create more more I could create content that has not been seeing contents that needs to be showcases something weird and rare and you to create impact and with the help of a tons of inspiration of other photographers on social media and on Pinterest and all the things I’ve seen and not seen in the past for example even the dove are you sorry does complain of diversity that help me so much to narrow it down to bringing women together of all colors diversity

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