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Through photo shoot experiences, I get to embody and promote various elements such as loving awareness, co-creation with nature, intuitive flow, liberation, breath work, somatic movement, emotional healing. I've witness the healing potential of art. 


Photography is my medium. A ritual.

Inspired by my own healing and empowerment journey releasing guilt on societies unrealistic expectations, I've launched the Real Women art movement as a safe space to make noise leveraging the power of unity. Oneness. 

🫀 Working with humans, diversity, altruism, has been teaching me tons about me as an individual, as a part of a collective, as an animal, a spiritual being and more, and to summarize it all:

Our art, this path I've chosen, keeps me accountable grow into my highest self, one day at a time ✨ 


Mucho amor, 

Angie, a little Mexican Artivist with a BIG SOUL MISSION!



Plus, just cuz: 

 here's a video of my longboard dancing on wheels 

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