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Through photography, I embody and promote various elements such as loving awareness, co-creation with nature, intuitive flow, liberation, breath work, somatics, emotional healing. I've witness the healing potential of art and now, I use photography is my medium to spread this magic. 

Inspired by my own healing and empowerment journey releasing guilt on societies unrealistic expectations, I've launched the Real Women art movement as a safe space to make noise leveraging the power of unity.

My soul affirmations...

"We shouldn't ask what the world needs, ask you what makes you come alive, because what the world needs most, is more people who come alive" - Sam Kolder 

"flow to glow" (tat on right arm)

i create, i attract (tat on left arm)

Courage plus trust equals magic

Goose bumps are truth bumps

(this list changes as I change)


Plus, here's a video of my longboard dancing on wheels 

Hope you enjoy it! And feel free to say hi on social ;) 


Mucho amor, 

Angie, a little Mexican Artivist with a BIG PURPOSEFUL MISSION!

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