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a dancer


a board rider


a traveler


a visual artist/storyteller


an art-ivist


an art therapist


an anthropologist


a "light worker"(a human committed to spread seeds of goodness)


a yogi


a poet


a philosopher


a life coach/mentor


conscious business owner


motivational speaker



and mucho más😉  

What am I great at? What is my craft? 
making humans feel safe, art directing, facilitating groups, asking powerful questions, I create safe spaces, experiences for us to feel. 

And photography is my medium.

🫀 Inspired by my own healing and empowerment journey on releasing guilt on societies unrealistic expectations, i've created a ritual and it expands our hearts​


Mucho amor, 

Angie, a little Mexican Artivist with a BIG SOUL MISSION!


Plus, just cuz: 

 here's a video of my longboard dancing on wheels 

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