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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

By working with our movement you can achieve:

  1. Stunning aesthetic and impact-full art that provokes a message.

  2. Harvest loving awareness. Before, during and after the photo shoot experience (will explain below).

  3. Create a wholesome brand awareness campaign based on your current goals, values vision, in co-creation with our magic(rituals, art direction, and the storytelling).

What problem do we solve?

For years, the advertising industry(specially beauty and fashion), has normalized working with only curated models and art directors that choose to select curated and touch-up photos in a way that results as a worldwide mental illness, such as: body dysmorphia, eating disorders, depression, unworthiness, suicide, (among more), especially today, with our younger generations impacted by the massive use of social media.

**Important to say: your brand may be facing other social problems that may not necessary apply with the explained above. Let's identify it and create from our personal goals**

Our solution, our positive impact

If we, content creators(from photographer to brand owners, marketers, art directors, and sales strategists, list goes on), CHOOSE to not only create for the purpose of sales(with the scarcity energy), but to choose to add GOODNESS(loving awareness, abundance energy) to everything we create, WE WILL start to experience the art of joy and fulfillment for ourselves and for our communities(of course, this means, our clients and audiences), while still reaching that abundant financial goal.


From the kind of products and/or services your brand offers to the very-needed seasonal brand awareness photo shoot campaign(that's where we come in), you CAN ADD positive vibes (known as #brandAffect, brand's potential to elicit a positive emotional response in the average consumer as a result of its use), by working we this movement you are choosing to CREATE with goodness(loving intentions, raw-real humans, diversity, perfect-imperfections, among many more modalities), and all of this with: stunning art, touch of aesthetics, and eye-catching photos and/or videos.

It's a 360 experience, let me explain:

Before the photo shoot, we set our intention/s for the campaign, and with channelled, we send out the aligned invite to attract all types of humans(diverse, real-raw) that connect to our message!

During the photo shoot, we create a safe space for everyone to feel at ease and empowered. Not only are they standing in front of a lens and wearing our brand's products(since it's a photo shoot), but also feeling the genuine loving energy of our intention/s(through speech, connection to nature, play, guided meditations, and more that happens in the flow of it, #flowtoglow). And this moment, this is when I(Angie) direct and capture this SYNERGY!

After the photo shoot, aside from the visually STUNNING + EYE CATCHING results, the most fulfilling part of all this, is seeing/feeling each human's takeaway of it all, - from a very lonnnnnng warm hug(full of gratitude) to the words of gratitude they share(sometimes, most times, full of vulnerability, joy, and/or serendipities).

These images below are some of a few of my favorite photo shoot experiences with brands(low-resolution screenshots to protect their assets) :

Real Women experience for Ocean Sisters ( - Surf, skate and yoga women association

Real Women experience for Hara the Label ( - underwear

Real Women experience for Suntouched ( - hair lightener

Real Women/Human experience for Koti ( - paddle board

And more!

From an swimwear to outdoor brands, The Real Women/Human movement can gift you the perfect combo between aesthetics and positive impact:

If this felt like a F#$%CK YAS?

Let's talk about it further(contact me here), it would be an honor to create IMPACT for your current brand's vision plus seasonal needs.


You can also check out more and more videos + art pieces in our Instagram gallery: @realwomen_movement, and/or my photography IG account with tons other photography sessions, and with my essence and day-to-day adventures: @angiegophoto

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