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PHOTOGRAPHY AS A HEALING MODALITY / Sanar a través de la fotografía (debajo en español 🇪🇸)

Updated: Apr 14

The camera doesn't heal you, the shutter will just capture what’s in front of it, -- it's the ritual, the safe space, the guided experience that transforms you.

Intention setting, our channeled meditations, co-creation with natural surroundings, movement, play, breath work, and emotional embodiment. All these in combination is what I call “the magic potion”.

The before, during and after ritual -

  1. Before

    1. Set your intentions. Write down what is it that you want to heal, to witness, to process, to make time and space to analyze. By doing this, you create new neural pathways in your system that allows you to create into thoughts, emotions, feelings, specially when you again go down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts, you can choose to use these new thoughts and experiences vs to other. Your intentions transform any experience, any! So before you engage into any activity, choose your intentions wisely.

  2.  During

    1. Movement( aka - poses) - We embody certain poses that allow your body mind and soul to feel physically these emotions, to process them through movement, and at the same time, I guide us through meditations that serve as reminders and/or affirmations that create thoughts.

    2. Breath work (deep breathing) - this allows your nervous system to calm down, to go from a sympathetic to parasympathetic(from anxious to chill).

    3. Nature connection - we underestimate the power of nature connection and what important role it plays to our essence as human animals, and how we need this to have a harmonious body -mind - soul.

  3. The art of "making time" to heal. This can be through psychotherapy in a therapy session, through a soulful retreat, through walks on parks, anywhere you make intentional space for. But you can also go for years and years without making any minute or hour for it. I/we/this healing experience is like an accountability activity to guide you with your own process.

We can heal though ANY activity, from photo shoots and retreats, to horse rides and walks on parks, it's up to YOU to choose to heal.

If all this feels like a FULL HEARTED WOW, please message me, let's harvest art and healing together.

Mucho amor-

Angie, just a little Mexican with a HUGE MISSION!

 Youtube Vlog on this subject. Just fyi, the second half is in Spanish until minute 11:28:


🇪🇸 Spanish -

Video vlog sobre el tema aquí, minute 11.28 hasta el final en español.

Mucho amor -

¡Angie, una pequeña mexicana con una GRAN MISIÓN!

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

ps - musings through journaling <3

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