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📍 La Saladita, Guerrero, "the Mexican Hawaii"

📅 17th -21st July


✨ art - photography in and outside the water

✨ surf - warm loooooooong gentle waves

✨ soul - guided pause to work on your soul’s calling (Dharma/Ikigai)

+ plussss

✨ tons of shame-free movement, chats, and creation
✨ tons of juicy tacos and mangoes! 

✨ and the best part, SISTERHOOD, meet new like-minded souls, CHINGONAS! 


  1. before sunrise. 2 + hours to surf together. no stress, just good vibes!

  2. mid days. 2 + hours for soul work together, as we drink our yummy smoothies or lattes 

  3. golden hour to sunsets. 2 + hours to photo shoot together, "flow to glow"  

  4. nights. you choose, we can hang (dinners, live music, dj sets, etc. ), or rest, JOMO!



Aloha, it's Angie!

Mexican Art director, facilitator, founder of the "Real Women" movement, and your partner in crime!

Feel free to message me with any questions! Plus, happy to jump into a free 15-20min discovery call to know if this workshop is for you.


Can't wait to know more about your calling of this 5 day experience.

Loving Testimonials

So what do we get for this investment?


  1. 5 photo shoot experiences

    1. A Real Women collective shoot - Art campaign, Artivism

    2. An art walk through Saladita coast, jungle and pueblito(little town) - Photojournalism

    3. Surf art, photography in and outside the water - Surf photography

    4. Empowerment photo shoot - Photography as a healing modality, the ritual

    5. Plus, my gift to you, your own individual photo shoot with me (normally 555usd, free for you in this workshop)

  2. Daily photography workshops -

    1. Photo shoots, before during and after - creative brainstorming, make humans feel comfortable, plus art curation for storytelling

    2. Gear usage, settings - professional camera and/or smartphone

    3. Post edition - using Adobe LightRoom, Canva, Pinterest and Instagram as our main platforms

  3. Surf lessons

    1. 1 courtesy surf lesson with a local pro surfer in the water, including video-analysis of that surf session. 

    2. 2 outside the water mind + soul lessons by me on: “emotional surfing”, surf etiquete, etc. All the things the surf coaches don’t teach you.

    3. Your own 1-1 video analysis to mindfully see YOU.

    4. Surf board rental for the 5 days. 

  4. Soul - find clarity through guided journaling prompts and Pinterest/Canva vision boards creation.

    1. Through the powerful Japanese Ikigai chart, we will make space to work on your individual purpose (aka - North Star, Dharma, etc).

    2. Dream life clarity vision board to manifest.

    3. And last on this list, BUT NOT LEAST, we will learn to honor this thing called "intention setting" to transform any experience you take part of. 

 Not included

  1. Accommodation - If you prefer, you can arrange your own place to stay. However, if you're open to it, I've started organizing a stay for all of us at a charming beachfront villa, "Las Hamacas Saladita," located right by the waves (click here to see location). The price per night is 600-700 MXN, depending on the final arrangements, with shared rooms for the other women. Please message me as soon as possible to ensure we can secure the best price. The sooner you reach out, the easier it will be for me to negotiate a good rate for us.  

  2. Food - each day we’ll meet in a local (non-expensive) cafe to work on our masterclasses. 

  3. More than 1 surf lesson - if you feel you need more than 1 “ice breaker” surf lesson, let me know now or then, no rush, and I can arrange this for you too. 

  4. Flights or transport - The nearby airport is Zihuatanejo International Airport (ZIH) and the transport from the airport to Saladita is 45min taxi. Once we all are in our WhatsApp group, we can see who comes at the same time and day to arrange a shared pickup).


  • Intention setting

  • Channeled guided meditations

  • Co-creation with natural surroundings

  • Movement, play

  • Breath work

  • Emotional embodiment​​



  • Real raw, diversity 

  • Unity

  • Kindness

  • Shame less expression

  • Vulnerability

art movement women empowerment

About The "Real Women" Art Movement

Don't forget you'll get to experience a REAL WOMEN ritual.

I'll teach you how to prepare, direct and create this powerful art campaign as part of our workshop.


WHO - Women photography and surf lovers. Souls that feel the calling to seek purpose and flow through their passions and lifestyle.  (All diverse women, all ages).


WHAT - 5 full day photography workshop facilitated by Angie, a Mexican professional photographer and art director in a magical surf town that has the most gentle feminine wave.


WHERE - Saladita Guerrero Mexico. (nearby airport: Zihualtanejo, ZIH)


WHEN - 17th Jul - 21st Jul, 2024. (feel free to arrive and leave days before and after).

WHY/HOW - To FEEL, to experience, to create, to come alive doing what we love! Photo, travel, adventure, art, movement, healing, synchronicities.


Cuz life is too short to not prioritize what makes you come alive! 


⚡️⚡️ Investment: $777 USD per person ⚡️⚡️

(Flexible payment options. If this is outside your current budget, please reach out, lets chat about it 🫶🏻)

✨ PLUSSSSS, if you invite a friend you get 2 extra 1-1 online mentorships✨

** reminder:

Price excludes food, accommodation, and extra surf lessons. If you require assistance with arranging all these things, feel free to let me know. Sooo happy to help out ;)  

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